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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Can I use your service from outside of Japan?

– Yes, you can use our service from any country, as long as you have internet access.




 02  Would you able to deal with my order urgently / in 3 days?

– Yes, it requires additional cost but we can do that unless we have too many “urgent” orders. Please contact us to confirm our situation.




 03  How can I pay?

– You can pay by credit card or through PayPal account.

   We also accept bank transfer if you are in Japan.




 04  Can you also check the documents or another email afterwards?

– Please order again. We recommend Email PREMIUM or Monthly Plan if you need our help for several times. You can change the plan afterwards if you were not sure at first, we can deduct the difference from the total price in that case.




 05  I’m not from an English speaking country. Would you support other languages?

– We generally support English, Japanese and Spanish, but we might be able to help.

   Please contact us and let us know what language you speak.

 06  Would you keep my information safely?

– We do not leak any of your information, and will delete them as soon as we finish dealing with your order. We therefore might ask you for the same information even if you constantly use our service.

 04  Would you be able to provide invoice / receipt?

– Yes, please ask us for invoice and/or receipt when you place your order if you need them.

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